Bad Unicorn by Platte F. Clark


Bad Unicorn

Bad Unicorn   By: Platte F. Clark

A rag-tag mix of magical and non-magical nitwits attempt to out-power each other in this hilarious and charming fantasy tale filled with imaginative creatures, mystical realms, and unlikely heroes & heroines.

It wasn’t Max Spencer’s idea to fight robots, lead an army, or save the world—it just so happens that he’s the only living person who can read the most fantastical book ever written: The Codex of Infinite Knowability. The Codex is no ordinary book, and among other things, it describes a unicorn named Princess the Destroyer.

Princess the Destroyer is not an average unicorn. She loves nothing more than hunting down, killing, and eating other creatures. After all, what’s the point of having a sharp horn on your forehead if you don’t use it for destructive purposes? Right now Princess has a very definite purpose: Find Max and retrieve the lost Codex for an evil sorcerer and his mysterious master. If she can do that, she’s been promised an all-the-humans-you-can-eat buffet in Texas.

Stuck in another world with a carnivorous unicorn on his trail, Max must find the courage to save himself, his friends, and the entire human race.

Why I liked this book : Apart from the obvious reasons like a crazed, carnivorous unicorn and enchanted codex, I love the inventive approach Clark takes toward the fantasy genre. While typical themes and characters can still be found, they don’t feel routine, and in most cases, feel completely original. The story is filled with immense detail yet doesn’t feel bogged down. If anything, the world of Bad Unicorn is fully fleshed out and leaves you wanting more and more.

I felt immediately drawn in by the unlikely hero, Max, whose sense of self has yet to be discovered when he’s thrust into a position of authority. As you journey forward with Max and his comrades, you feel as if you’re on the adventure with them. From one chapter to the next, you’re kept on your toes as a reader and scheming along with the group as they solve their problems. Try as I might, I never quite predicted the unfolding of events. Inundated with quirky jibes and clever comments, Bad Unicorn was a delightful read with the right mix of light-hearted fun, thought-provoking philosophy, and action-packed adventure. I’m totally looking forward to the next installments in the trilogy, Fluff Dragon and Good Ogre.

Book Two:                                        Book Three:

Fluff Dragon Good Ogre

Reviewed by Lindsay

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I'm a middle school librarian who loves all things reading, books, and written word. I am a huge nerd and nature lover! I love all things sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure. You'll find me cozying up with a book on the weekends just as often as you'll find me running a 5k race. Reading is learning and learning is growing. I'm a lifetime grower!
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