Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

teenreviewertwilightTwilight by Stephenie Meyer

About: Twilight is about a girl, Bella, who has just moved to a small town called Forks. Bella is clumsy, not particularly good at sports, but really smart. One day Bella meets Edward, a mysterious boy at her school. After getting to know Edward, Bella starts to notice things that shed light on the fact that Edward isn’t 100% human. As time goes on, Bella realizes that the boy she’s fallen in love with, is also a vampire.

Why I Liked It: I like this book because it is a love story between two different species of human beings.

I’d Recommend to: Teens! I Personally think they would enjoy it the most, though anyone could read it, it just depends on whether or not you like teen romance books. People 11 and up will have an AMAZING time enjoying this book!

Reviewed by: Rihanna 11

About Audviral, Mistress of the Stacks

Teen Services Librarian for the Rita & Truett Smith Public Library of Wylie, Texas.
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