Bad Machinery by John Allison

Bad Machinery
By: John Allison

There is nothing I love more in this world than British humor. One of my favorite book series of all time is Louise Rennison’s The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson books. The humor is absurd, bordering on insane. The tone usually veers wildly between the narrator being absolutely hysterical (feelings-wise) and making droll statements of fact that are the cornerstones of dry humor. And… that is why I love the British so very much. They are my kind of crazy people!

Hence my absolute and sudden devotion to John Allison’s web-comic-turned-published-book Bad Machinery. The series follows a group of teens solving sometimes ridiculous mysteries as they grapple with the day-to-days of being overcome with feelings and hormones and the opposite sex. But it doesn’t *feel* like it’s aimed at a younger audience, which I think is part of what makes it so fantastic. The characters are all whip smart, and don’t take guff from anyone. The girls especially. And that’s what I like to see in my web comics, girls that are smart and know it and don’t take no SKULLDUGGERY!

Anyway, I had no idea that these comics even existed until Audrey recommended them one day. And then I sat at the teen desk and read all three of the first “cases” back to back and continued into the stories on Allison’s website, scarygoround. They are FANTASTIC and I think The Case of the Simple Soul is my favorite. Charlotte Grote is my spirit animal and we should all try to be more like her. Here is an example of why:

So, this is my very official review and endorsement of Bad Machinery and everything John Allison does. The entire series available here at SPL, and the fourth is being released in October. HOWEVER, you can always read it immediately over at his website.


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