Rethinking Normal by Katie Rain Hill

rethinkingRethinking Normal by Katie Rain Hill

About: In this first-person account, Katie reflects on her pain-filled childhood and the events leading up to the life-changing decision to undergo gender reassignment as a teenager. She reveals the unique challenges she faced while unlearning how to be a boy and shares what it was like to navigate the dating world and experience heartbreak for the first time in a body that matched her gender identity. Told in an unwaveringly honest voice, Rethinking Normal is a coming-of-age story about transcending physical appearances and redefining the parameters of “normalcy” to embody one’s true self.

What I thought: I have never read a story like this before. It was so insightful and really makes you think about other people and the whole idea of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Katie is such a brave person to demand equality and to not hide who she really is.

I feel like I am a very open-minded and accepting person but I didn’t know how unknowledgeable I was about transgenderism before reading this book. Did you know that a lot of trans people are born with an abundance of the opposite gender’s’ hormone or possibly even hidden reproductive parts? For instance Katie (born as Luke), had estrogen levels the same as her mother before even starting any hormone treatment AND two spots showed up on an MRI that could have been where ovaries had begun to form before she was born as a male. She also explains this whole LGBT world where there are so many mixtures of people experiencing different feelings and desires when I thought there was just gay, transgender, hermaphrodite, etc.

The story jumps back and forth a few times and retold the same part of her story a time or two but overall, this was a great read if you are interested in learning more about Transgenderism.

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