The Killing Jar by Jennifer Bosworth

killingjarThe Killing Jar by Jennifer Bosworth

About: When she was ten years old Kenna discovered that she had the ability to drain the life from another human being, and ever since she has been afraid to touch anyone–but when she uses that power to save her mother and twin sister from an attacker, her mother finally reveals the secret origin of her power, and she is forced to choose between the Kalyptra and a human life.

Ofilia’s Thoughts: This book sucks you in from the very beginning and it is non-stop. Kenna has this amazing power, but she has no control of it and is forced to be in a state of constant restraint. When she finally learns what this power is and how she is capable of feeling, Kenna thinks she if finally free to be her true-self. But with all great power comes great responsibility even in the supernatural world.

I thought the otherworldly elements and characters were interesting and since some of the magical elements aren’t fully explained, it gives the story a sense of mystery. I don’t mind being left a bit in the dark if the story is entertaining and this one certainly keeps you reading. It also has a definite ending so you aren’t left with a cliffhanger. Bosworth could easily choose to continue to story, but I appreciate that I don’t have to wait for a sequel to see what happens next.


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