Lucky Strikes by Louis Bayard

lucky-strikesLucky Strikes by Louis Bayard 

About: Set in Depression Era Virginia, fourteen year old Amelia’s mother dies leaving her in charge of a struggling gas station and her two younger siblings. With Harvey Blevins, owner of the Standard Oil monopoly, hot on Amelia’s heels trying to buy the gas station, she is desperate to come up with a plan fast. When a bum rolls off a coal truck Melia sees opportunity. Can she convince the town and her family that Hiram Watts the drifter is really their father come back to reunite the family and save the station?

Audrey says: Lionhearted Amelia’s spirit is relentless and full of moxie as she struggles to keep the gas station afloat and family together. Her rich Virginia dialect adds context creating a wildly absorbing read that perfectly complements the era and setting. All characters are well developed and reflective of the time creating a stunning tale.

Lucky Strikes is a captivating read with a lot of heart. Sure to appeal to mature audiences that love strong storytelling, language, historical fiction, as well as stories about misfits and found family.

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