Murphy MS 2017 Student Lone Star Recommendations (Part II)

soundlessSoundless by Richelle Mead 

I liked this book! It had a good plot and story that was filled with so many twists and turns. I did feel that sometimes I would zone out, but then something interesting would happen and the book would capture my attention again. This book is filled with perseverance, strength, love, family, adventure and culture. I feel that the author did a great job pulling it all together. Overall good book! –Umangi Singh

The main character, Fei, is a head-strong girl with a big imagination and she’d do anything it takes to save her village and those she loves. A great book filled with not only loss and sacrifice, but also hope and determination to make things right. – Emily Tran

The author, Richelle Mead, approached this book in very unique way with the idea that hearing was lost in a town and over time evolution continued to keep town deaf. This is a beautiful story with fantasy, adventure, revolution, mystery, and romance all packed in one epic Chinese based book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it should definitely make the Lonestar list. -Chloe Chan

Ahhhhhh I love this book!!!!!!! It’s a really unique story idea, and the author did a really good job of making it intriguing. She used a lot of different genres , like it wasn’t just and adventure book but also a romance. She had a lot of morals tht were spread through out the book, things like respect your elders, overcome your obstacles etc… I felt like it also hinted a little at treating disabled people as humans too, and to not doubt what all they can do. –Ferona Bustani

I really enjoyed the book Soundless and I respected Fei and the way she deals with her situation. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be deaf and then one day…..SPOILER….hear sound. I can only guess how confusing it would be. This is a great science fiction adventure story. It is one of those post – apocalyptic worlds that doesn’t know it is one. 🙂 -Laura Mullen

court-of-fivesCourt of Fives by Kate Elliott

I feel like a lot of books nowadays are like this one. There’s Red Queen, then Ruined, then the Selection series. The heroine is from a lower class family and then she some how ends up in the castle where she falls in love with the prince . …. Aaaaaanyway, I still liked how this book didn’t solely focus on the main girl, but also how her family was changed by her moving to the castle , and how her sisters were also breaking the rules of their society in-order to find happiness. –Ferona Bustani

When you have talent and ability, it is extremely frustrating to have someone tell you that due to your heritage, you cannot fulfill your potential. I really liked how Jessamy defies her father and secretly trains for the Court of Fives (an athletic competition). The risk??? She violates the rules of the society and could possibly destroy her family by participating. BTW, this is a dystopian world with a rigid class system so it feels like a lot of other dystopian books. -Laura Mullens




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