The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

unexpectedeverythingThe Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

About: Andie Walker knows exactly what she wants in life. Her junior year summer will be spent in a pre-pre med program and she can’t wait. Everything is going as planned until her program is cancelled and she is stuck at home with her dad (with whom she has nothing in common).  She finds herself looking for something to do and ends up working at a pet company where she walks dogs. And so the summer begins.

What I Liked: I loved her close knit group of friends. They definitely have their ups and downs throughout the story and it was all very realistic. Her relationship with her dad is strained, but slowly it gets repaired throughout the story. She finds a boy who she likes (a lot) and he is very different from anything that she has ever known. So many things get decided this spectacular summer. Andie learns that change can be both happy and sad.

Overall, this book is very slice of life and I totally recommend it for those who like to read books about friendship, love, relationships and dogs.

Written by: Yentl

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