YVAIN, THE KNIGHT OF THE LION by M. T. Anderson; Illustrated by Andrea Offermann

yvainYVAIN, THE KNIGHT OF THE LION by M. T. Anderson; Illustrated by Andrea Offermann

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Questing!  Knights and their fair ladies!  Battles! Dragons! Yvain is a young knight in King Arthur’s court.  After a cousin is nearly killed by a mysterious Red Knight, Yvain sets out to avenge him. He has visions of glory and could care less about those he might hurt along the way.  He slays the Red Knight, then falls in love with the bereaved widow. Time to settle down and rule his kingdom, right?  Wrong.  Knights seem to have a hard time settling down.  Yvain ventures off on more quests, angers his fair lady, and generally messes up his life – for a while, anyway.  While trying to make amends, he earns the devotion of a lion and manages to save a  lot of people’s lives along the way, too.

ROBEN SAYS: First thing you should know – this is a graphic novel! Second thing you should know – it’s awesome! I read it the first time fairly fast but then went back and reread sections and pored over the illustrations. As you might guess, I really enjoyed this story – especially Andrea Offermann’s drawings. She has a keen use of color. While I know a bit about Arthur, Camelot, and the famed Knights of the Round Table, I had never heard of Yvain. The notes at the end of the story helped fill in a few gaps here and there and were greatly appreciated. Be sure to read them.


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