Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

girlGirl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

Girl in Pieces is a seriously heavy book. At the young age of 17, Charlotte “Charlie” Davis is dealing with self-harm, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, and homelessness- among other issues that teenage girls are faced with. But Charlie is a survivor. No matter what has been thrown her way, she has learned to adjust to her new normal, even when it means cutting herself to purge the agony that accompanies her life. Until her new life proves to be tougher than she is.

Charlie wakes up to find herself in a psychiatric hospital with other teenage girls. She soon learns that every girl in Creeley Centre shares a desire for self-harm in one way or another. The short time she spends there makes a big impact on her and she tries to use some positive behaviors she learned at Creeley to make a new life in a new city.

I feel if I indulge in the review anymore I will give away some spoilers, and there is still a lot of stuff that happens. I loved this book so much. The approach to this story feels very authentic. Kathleen Glasgow is a master at writing about raw, painful topics while remaining truthful about the intricacies or girlhood. Read this book in its entirety. The author’s note at the end is amazing,


Reviewed by Stephanie

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