I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

loveI Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo 

Desi is the student-body president, a straight A student, on the soccer team, and is planning to go to Stanford and become a surgeon. She, also, believes that you can achieve anything if you have a plan. That is, until artsy-boy Luca Drakos showed up. She immediately falls for Luca, however, due to her past experiences with dating and “flailures”(flirting failures), she’s not so confident. To help her achieve her goal (Luca), she binge watches Korean dramas and creates steps to help her along the way. Will she succeed at her first true love? Or will it end in disaster?

This was a good book that had a great plot. It is a creative twist from other rom-com books and a good read if you want to feel better about your love life. However, I feel like the book is a little too dramatic for me and the author could’ve wrote it better. I wouldn’t really recommend it for the lone-star list. It’s a pretty good book overall. –Thuyan Dang (Murphy Middle School Student) 

This book is about a girl named Desi Lee who basically has no dating life due to her copious amounts of flailures (flirting failures). She meets a boy named Luca one day and has a flailure which involves her pants literally falling down. To get Luca to like her, she binge-watches a bunch of K Drama (Korean drama) for advice.

I was pretty much laughing this entire book because of how much it’s like a Korean drama (and I admit I’ve seen quite a few and they are all very similar). The chapter titles are the steps that happen in an average k drama my favorite titles being: “Be Caught In an Obviously Lopsided Love Triangle”, “Find Out the Guy’s Big Secret, Preferably through Excruciatingly Repetitive Flashbacks”, and “Fall Deeply into Cringe-Inducing Mushy Love”. This book is one of those books that make you cringe not in a bad way but in a really weird unexplainable good way. I liked all the characters (especially Wes because he was hilarious). I really do think that this book deserves to make it on the Texas Lone Star List.-Alexis Phillips (MMS Student) 

This was an interesting twist on the romance story. From the beginning Desi is in love with Luca, but her past exploits have ended horribly embarrassing. She believes that she can’t flirt or find love because she needs a plan. She binge watches Korean dramas and comes up with the perfect list to “catch” a man based on the antics of the actors and actresses in the dramas.

She puts her plan into motion and steps out of her comfort zone. What happens is funny but slightly predictable. Can you really plan falling in love? –Laura Mullens (MMS Head of English Dept.)

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