Warcross by Marie Lu

WarcrossWarcross by Marie Lu 

Virtual reality is now the new reality, created by billionaire Hideo Tanaka. Hideo has created a new game called Warcross that is played in virtual reality. Everyone is playing it, even Emika, a talented hacker. She has been trying to earn a living as a bounty hunter. One day while watching the Warcross ceremony, she glitches into the game. The next day, she’s flown into Tokyo to meet the famous Hideo Tanaka. He needs help catching Zero who has been ruining the games. When Hideo meets Emika, she seems different than other people. Will Hideo and Emika be more than friends? Will Emika ever catch Zero? Who is Zero?

This book was good from the start! It was perfect! I definitely recommend this book for the Texas Lone Star List. Emika is a stubborn yet sweet, talented hacker, who just happens to have rainbow hair. You can’t help but love her. Her character grows so much in this book as does Hideo’s. Lu has created a very complex past for Hideo and his past has effected everything that has and will happen to him. I especially love how Lu created this world, which will probably be in our future. But that ending! I guess I am going to have to wait for the second book. This book definitely has some twists to it. –Angela Tatsch (Murphy Middle School Student) 

Virtual reality has become actual reality. While other virtual reality programs focus on making the graphics better, billionaire Hideo Tananka invents a pair of glasses that trick the brain into believing what it’s seeing is real. Warcross is a game that Hideo has created. It’s like Overwatch and League of Legends because it becomes a professionally competitive game. Emika is a bounty hunter who hunts players that bet illegally on Warcross. She is a skilled hacker and accidentally hacks her way into a professional Warcross game. Hideo catches her, but instead of getting her in trouble, he hires her to catch a hacker named Zero. Now it is up to Erika to catch Zero and bring him down before the tournament ends. –Cole Blevins (MMS Student)

Awesome book by Lu. In this not too distant world, everyone is obsessed with REAL virtual reality. Instead of perfecting the graphics to make the virtual worlds feel real, the teenage billionaire inventor, Hideo Tanaka, makes a neurological device that fools your brain into accepting the graphics as real. It is an overnight sensation and everyone NEEDS one. One of the games is called Warcross which becomes a professional past time. Emika, an orphan bounty hunter and computer hacker, finds the flaws in Warcross and hacks her way into a game in an attempt to steal a device to sell in the real world. Tanaka catches her but instead of pressing charges, pays off all her bills and hires her to find Zero. Zero is trying to bring down Tanaka’s empire and the Warcross game. Emika must match wits with an expert hacker and expose him before the end of the games. –Laura Mullens (MMS Head of English Dept.)

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