Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhonda Belleza

empressEmpress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza 

This book is about a girl named Rhiannon Ta’an who is actually supposed to be empress of a powerful dynasty. However, she is only 15, soon to turn 16, and is the last of the line of the Ta’ans. This is because her parents and sister died in an explosion in a pod travelling to another planet. Rhee has lived for many years without them and she is starting to get a suspicion about who had killed her family.
She remembered that her father’s friend, Regent Seotra, had warned her father that people would try to kill them. Seotra had sounded angry at the time. And so, all these years later, Rhee believed that it was him who had planned her family’s death since now, he was basically the one ruling the planet, people believed that Rhee was too young.
And now, for years, Rhee has been planning to kill Seotra, the person who caused her family’s death. Yet, little does she know about the true things that are happening or will happen.
Aly, Alyosha, is a Wratean boy who is a Uniforce soldier. His job is to patrol the galaxy and catch illegal smugglers and those kind of people. There is only one other person on board with him, his friend Vincent. There is also the intelligent droid, Pavel, who is constantly learning. The three of them are not normal UniForce officers. For some reason, DroneVision got interested in them and decided to make a reality show starring them. Yet even still, life is hard for Aly, being a Wratean.
Anyways, each chapter alternates between Rhee and Aly and they are constantly learning things they never knew. I honestly have to say that the book didn’t keep me turning the pages like the other Lone Star nominations had. My favorite part was the last 20 pages of the book because a big secret was revealed. That secret would probably be the only reason why I would want to read the next book. Some of you may actually like the book, but for me, it wasn’t that interesting. I don’t think it should make the Lone Star list. –Ishaan Javali (Murphy Middles School Student) 

This was actually a book that Mrs. Pearson and myself recommended be on the list. This is an action adventure/science fiction/romance. I really liked the characters and the story itself was unique. I don’t want to say too much because I do want to know what you all think about it. –Laura Mullen (MMS Head of English Dept.) 

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