The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol

Apprentice-Witch-198x297The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol 

This book is about a girl named Arianwyn Gribble and she is a witch. At the start of the book, Arianwyn, along with other witches her age, is standing on a stage in front of a crowd to get her evaluation. This evaluation will decide whether or not she is ready to become a full – fledged witch and help the townspeople that she is assigned to.
However, when the director comes to Arianwyn with the machine that will decide, it gives a curious output. Arianwyn’s grandmother, a famed witch on the Council for Elder Witches, speaks with the director and they decide to make Ariana an apprentice witch. She can retest in half a year. Embarrassed, Arianwyn gets her stuff ready to leave for the lonely town of Lull. On the bus there, she makes a friend, Salle. While riding on the rickety bus, they are attacked by a dark spirit, a crawler. They manage to scare it off and continue to the town. Being late, the only person to welcome them is the annoyed mayor. Arianwyn hopes that everything will turn out well … but snotlings do have a tendency to explode…
I thought that this was a good book. Ariana had to prove to others and herself that she could accomplish the tasks and in the end of the book, she faced something that had been haunting her for years. This book should make the Lone Star List. –Ishaan Javali (Murphy Middle School Student) 

LOVED this book!!! What happens when you make the machine blow up that grants you your status as a full fledged witch? Well, you end up in a backwater town as an “apprentice witch” for an undetermined time until they can retest you. But, what if that backwater town is on the edge of an evil forest and that evil is unleashed on the town? What’s an apprentice to do? –Laura Mullens (Murphy Middle School Head of English) 

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