Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

moxiecMoxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Viv is fed up with the sexual misconduct and harassment at her high school in Texas. Inspired by her mom’s Riot Grrrrl days, she starts an anonymous zine to combat the injustices being experienced, which in turn starts a Feminist movement at the school bringing those fed up with the patriarchy together (and that doesn’t just include Feminist weirdos, white, and Cis women).

As a teen librarian I meet lots of young people who are motivated by Feminism and human rights in general, looking for information and inspiration on where to start. Moxie is the perfect book, functioning as a narrative and guide to civil disobedience. There is also ample name dropping of figures and movements to know that can be further researched. Such as: Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill, The Riot Grrrl Movement, Roxanne Gay, Ann Richards, and Audre Lord to name a few off the top of my head. The author even provides a guide on organizations and resources for young activists.

This book would be relevant anyways, though especially right now with all the sexual misconduct and assault taking place in Hollywood and politics, and the #metoo movement. Anyhow, a timely must read for everyone.

Reviewed by Audrey

About Audviral, Mistress of the Stacks

Teen Services Librarian for the Rita & Truett Smith Public Library of Wylie, Texas.
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