The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller


The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller

About: A bullied gay teen boy with an eating disorder believes he’s developed super powers via starvation. (taken from SPL catalog)

 Ofilia’s Thoughts: The premise of this book is absolutely intriguing. The main character, Matt, believes that by starving himself, he gains superhero-like powers such as reading minds and influencing others thoughts. Matt’s beloved older sister has run away and he is absolutely convinced that something horrible happened to her to make her leave. He thinks he can figure out what happened to her with his newly formed skills. He suspects a group of popular jocks at school hurt his sister in some way and despite his certainty, he ends up falling for one of them. This sends him on a journey of self-destruction and self-discovery that forces him to deal with certain realities in his life that he has always managed to ignore like his mother’s alcoholism. Matt knows he is seriously endangering himself and his inner dialogue. When he is trying to resist eating is heartbreaking. Despite the magical realism and unique point of anorexia, many of the issues addressed are universal: first love, bullying and family drama. The story sometimes gets lost in all of the issues, but when it gets back on track it is captivating.

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