Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush

devils andDevils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush

Jemmie Carmichael has grown up in a world of rival biker gangs, fast living, and magic. Her father and Michael Medici founded the Black Devils, one of the most powerful and feared kindled (magic) biker gangs. Medici, the father of her best friend Alex, and love interest, Crowe, tragically died in a mysterious accident/possible murder last year.

Unlike the crowd Jemmie keeps, she can only smell magic. Feeling like an outsider and bereft over a failed romance with Crowe, she starts seeing rival gang prospect, Darek. During the kindled biker community’s annual meetup, people start to go missing, including her best friend Alex. Tempers and magic fly, and no one can be trusted.

The world of magic wielding motorcycle gangs is a nuanced approach to the contemporary fantasy genre. The novel leads with well-paced, adequate world building; Followed by a rush of drama, action, suspense, the dark arts, and a steamy love triangle, guaranteed to keep readers engaged. Though the protagonists are teens, that does not hinder their wild and reckless behavior, making the novel most appropriate for an older audience. Devils & Thieves reads as if Kami Garcia or Laini Taylor got together to write fandom for the Sons of Anarchy television show. Though an interesting pitch, a hard sell to the masses. However, the niche audience that Devils & Thieves does appeal to will find a winner in this new series.

Reviewed by Audrey and featured in VOYA magazine

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