Nemesis – Brandon Reichs

NemesisNemesis by Brandon Reichs 

About: Brendan Reichs, co-author of the popular Virals series delivers a new dystopian sci-fi series for fans to sink their teeth into. Every other year Min, a street smart teenager living in a trailer park is brutally murdered by a man in a black suit, and then promptly returned back to life. Her mother and therapist shrug it off as imaginary. There is also Noah, a popular rich kid who has been having the same experiences, and shares the same therapist as Min. Simultaneously, asteroids threatening all existence are bound for Earth! Coincidence?

Audrey’s thoughts: Nemesis will appeal to teens that enjoy fast paced novels that culminate action, references to current events, dystopian, and science fiction. A formula that strikes a chord with some, but can leave other readers wanting more. Min and Noah’s voices narrate in alternating chapters. There isn’t much depth to the character’s development making their voices fall flat, and occasionally hard to differentiate. There is also a strategically placed love triangle.  Tack is Min’s best friend, sidekick, and has been crushing hard since elementary school. Their relationship will most likely be playing a major role in the upcoming installments.  Though aspects of this book and promising new series seemed contrived, I still enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

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