Introductions, Introductions…

Hi All!

I just wanted to stop by and make a quick post to officially introduce myself. My name is Kelsey Sidwell, and I am your brand new teen librarian here at the Smith Public Library! Audrey and I are both excited about this new development, and she promises to stop by and visit the blog every now and then.

So, a little background. I have been at SPL since 2011, when the new building opened and we moved over from the tiny, old library on Thomas Street. I have been working in youth services for nearly all of those 7 years, but I just finished my master’s degree in library science, so I am officially a real librarian now!

I’m excited to get to work in teen services, and will be running all of our great teen programs from here on out. I am already planning some super fun stuff for next summer, so make sure you check back and see what we have in store.

To make all this introduction stuff a little bit easier, I threw together the graphic below with a few of my favorites included. I am obsessed with everything by Sarah J. Maas, my cats, coffee, and Lorde. If you guys have any questions for me, please include them in the comments below and I promise to try and answer!



Meet Kelsey

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